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About Us

Deep Space Program™ is an independent full-service digital agency offering strategy, product, creative and technology services. We design and develop digital properties and experiences for all screens, devices, and media.

We care deeply about the experience technology provides and believe in building purposeful products that last.

We make an effort to partner with teams across a variety of industries and disciplines. As users ourselves, we enjoy building products that are unique, fun, and that blur the lines of design and engineering.

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Andrew Burnett

A self proclaimed life-long learner, Andrew wholeheartedly embodies the adage "always the student, never the master." As lead engineer, he handles DSP's technical solutions. In his own words, Andrew's guiding principle is "balance." With a degree in Applied and Computational Mathematics from the University of Southern California, as well as professional experience as a photographer, his specialty lies in finding creative solutions that blur the line between art and science.

Beginning his journey as an engineer five years ago developing mobile applications, Andrew has since steeped himself in research, pursuing proficiency in today's most forward-facing computer languages, frameworks, and platforms. With practical experience across the full technological stack, he is fully equipped with the tools and knowledge to build efficient, scalable solutions that run swiftly. He strongly believes that an application's user interface, as well as its source code, can (and should) be beautifully designed. All else aside, Andrew guarantees that all Deep Space Program™ products are created uniquely and cohesively. "Each component of a DSP application is conceptualized and built in consideration of the whole", he says, "from its front-facing user interface to its backend database schema."

Outside of work, Andrew's primary passions are fitness and language. He's fluent in English and Spanish, conversationally comfortable in French, and is currently (struggling with) learning Japanese. Having recently returned from a month in Tokyo, it's possible that he's improved.



Nick Bembenek

A man of mystery.